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ClientInspectorAre you in control? – or are some of your core infrastructure processes like patching, antivirus, bitlocker enablement drifting?

Or would you like to do advanced inventory, where you can lookup your warranty state against Lenovo or Dell warranty, then keep reading.

Check out ClientInspector, which can help you get great insight to your complete client environment.

ClientInspector is free to the community – built to be a cool showcase of how you can bring back data from your clients using Azure Log Ingestion PipelineAzure Data Collection RulesAzure LogAnalytics; view them with Azure Monitor & Azure Dashboards – and get “drift-alerts” using Microsoft Sentinel.
ClientInspector-DeploymentKitThe purpose of this repository is to provide everything needed to deploy a complete environment for ClientInspector (Github)
AzLogDcringestPSThis module can ease the steps, if you want to send any data to Azure LogAnalytics custom logs (v2) – using the new features of Azure Log Ingestion PipelineAzure Data Colection Rules & Log Ingestion API.
AzLogDcrIngestPS (PsGallery)Latest version of AzLogDcrIngestPS in Powershell Gallery
AzureLogLibraryRepository used for Azure logging with ARM-templates, scripts, documentation to deploy DCRs, extensions, etc
AzLogDcringestPSLogHubSolution that acts as an intermediate hub for “no internet connected” endpoints or incompliant endpoints, where you will be sending data using Azure Pipeline/Log Ingestion API
Azure-Recommendations-Get-In-ControlAutomate Reporting of Defender for Cloud recommendations & Role Assignments with 35 different views
Sentinel_Alert_Rule_ManagementAutomates alert rule management in Sentinel
AzureCustomScriptsExtensionAsRecurringJobRun Azure Custom Script extension as recurring job
AzureAAD-ManagedId-RoleAssignmentsCleanupOrphanedAccountsAzureAAD ManagedId RoleAssignments inheritance & Cleanup Orphaned Accounts
BlockBannedIPsWithAbuseIPDBIntegrationPaloAltoSample of how to block banned IPs using Loganalytics data and AbuseIPDB integration
ActiveDirectory_Password_Overview_using_DSInternalsGet an overview of the AD passwords in the domain using DSInternals
Azure_LogAnalytics_Data_TransformationScripts for making data transformations using Data Collection Rules
UseADXForLongtermLogBackupSteps to use Azure Data Explorer (ADX) and Azure Data Factory for longterm backup of LogAnalytics data
DefenderForCloud_MigrateFromQualysToMdeTvmMDC migration to MdeTvm from Qualys