Meeting Microsoft – Microsoft Redmond HQ, Feb 6-10, 2023

Visit to Microsoft Redmond HQ, Feb 6-10, 2023

Day 1 | Azure Confidential Computing, Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Some of the great PMs from Azure Confidential Computing, I met in person today
My good friend Run Cai, Principal PM Manager from Azure Confidential Computing
Lots of laughing during lunch with Azure Confidential Computing PMs and Caroline from Azure Cloud + Edge Core OS

PMs from Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Trusted Platform

Day 2 | Azure Compute (Extensions), Azure Pipeline (LogAnalytics data transformations), Azure Arc, Defender for Endpoint, social dinner with Microsoft PMs and MVP peers.

Great discussions about Extensions with Principal PM Manager, Principal Group Engineering Manager and Program Manager from Azure Compute Platform Runtime team (extensions). Really cool to meet the guys who built the tools, I work with every day.
Awsome to meet the architects of LogAnalytics data transformation, Senior Program Manager and Program Manager from Azure Pipeline. More cool features coming – and good discussions on the feedback, I had.

Meeting one of the founders of Azure Arc; Principal Software Engineer for Azure Compute, Azure Arc. Over the last few months, we have had great teamwork about an issue and also discussions of upcoming features.
Really enjoyed meeting Program Managers for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint product-group. They are doing a fantastic job with a fantastic product.

Happy boy getting his butter melted on his steak. I got to know Alaa, when he was working in his home-country Israel; now working out of Redmond. Great friend ๐Ÿ™‚

Fantastic dinner with lots of laughing and talking with Microsoft Sentinel PMs, Pablo Chacon, Rod Trent and 3 MVP peers. Great way to end a good day.

So glad to finally meet Rod Trent. Rod was the person nominating me as Microsoft MVP.
Rod is such a great guy, who does a fantastic job ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 3 | Azure Policy | Azure Resource Graph| Azure Control Panel | VMInsight, Azure Monitor Agent | Data Collection Rules |Azure Workbooks | Azure Dashboard

Really enjoyed discussing feedback about Azure Policy and Azure Resource Graph with Senior PM Manager and Program Managers from the Azure Governance and Azure Control Panel team. Personally I’m a big fan of Azure Resource Graph. Keep up the good work guys – you are doing such a great job ๐Ÿ™‚
Great to meet Principal Program Manager, Ingo Bringemeier, who is the lead of the entire Azure Monitor team. Ingo also pointed out, that he had coordinated his choice of shirt with Jeff for the picture with me ๐Ÿ™‚

These guys are the team-members that I spend the most time talking with – Azure Monitor Agent, Data Collection Rules and VMInsight. I really love working with them and what they do. Today we had so much fun with lots of laughing. Thx guys for great strategy and feedback discussions on how we can help our customers even further.
Nick Kiest, who is responsible for the DCR framework, had baked cookies for our meeting. Sweet๐Ÿ™. You killed it, Nick๐Ÿ‘ These cookies were filled with so much love (chocolate) and tasted so great ๐Ÿ™‚

Who would think that a meeting about Azure Workbooks could be a meeting with SO much laughing and joking. But it is all about the people, Principal Software Engineering Manager and Principal Product Manager for Azure Workbooks. You should all look out for the new things coming soon about Azure Workbooks. I will ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 4 | Azure Files | Azure Identity| Cloud Security Customer Connect Program | Microsoft Sentinel | Azure Control Panel

Such a pleasure to meet 11 PMs from Azure Files in a single meeting discussing feedback from my customers. Look out for great features coming. I’m really excited.
It was such a good experience to meet 8 PMs from Azure Identity product team (including more PMs in Teams call, unfortunately no picture). Cloud Identity is core with all cloud services, but we are in really good hands – and I’m really excited on both the recent announcements – but also what is coming. Stay tuned!

So nice to meet almost all team members from the Cloud Security Customer Connection Program (community for private previews). We missed community lead, Kristina Quick. This group is doing such a amazing job managing meetings, escalating issues & questions and structuring all the feedback coming in from +1000 community members and +400 PMs. I’m really amazed how they can keep the hundreds of balls in the air without dropping them. They are rock stars ! So glad I could do lunch with them today.
It is always so nice to meet the PMs from Microsoft Sentinel Product team. Every day they are focused on delivering a world class SIEM product – and they deliver !!!
On my way to building 40. Such a nice day with blue skies.

Great session, where Microsoft PMs from various teams wanted inspiration on how I do Azure Extension Management (add/delete/replace/reinstall/update) – including quality assurance to detect unhealthy devices.

Meeting in Vancouver, Canada (Feb 2023)

So great to meet PM for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Bahman Sabetghadam. Great discussions about MDE, especially for Linux ๐Ÿ™‚